About us

Our Mission

This organization shall be known as the 43rd Ward Democrats.  The purpose of the organization is to elect qualified Democratic candidates to office, promote Democratic values and policies, and educate residents on public policy issues in the 43rd Ward, City of Chicago, County of Cook, State of Illinois, and the United States.  The organization shall promote grassroots political involvement, participation, public policy education, and community connection throughout the 43rd Ward.

Executive Committee

Matthew Moog, Treasurer

Denise Orlin

Cathy Stein

Lily Stein

Kevin Waco

Angelica Chayes

Margaret Cox

Patrick Croke

Jeanne Crowley

Leslie Fox

Derek Lindblom

Judicial Review Panel

Derek Lindblom

Stephanie Marks

Alderman Michele Smith

Patrick Croke

Mary Kenney

Timothy Knudsen